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At Beyonce’s party, the most extravagant Hollywood star couple was noticed among the guests — Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, who, as always, were in the spotlight. According to the festive disco-style dress code, Megan came in a shiny suit consisting of a tiny bodice exposing her big tits, decorated with crystals, and a microshort and shimmering brighter than a disco ball.

It is impossible to tear your eyes away from Megan Fox’s shamelessly naked tits, the festive outfit of the beauty can rightly be considered the brightest and craziest. To enhance the radiant effect, Megan complemented the outfit with lurex tights, snow-white leggings and fancy makeup with glitter.

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Megan Fox Hot

MGK did not hide in the shadow of his wife, he looked as shocking as possible: Kelly put on a pearl top, shimmering trousers and a pink fur coat in the style of drag queen.

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